About Us

We are an integrated physical medicine office that specializes in the treatment and relief of acute and chronic pain. We are a team that combines the best in medical pain relief, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and nutrition to help our patients get the best quality of pain relief possible. We treat the whole body, inside and out.

We use an integrated team approach to provide unparalleled pain relief and rehabilitation in our community. Every decision regarding your care is determined based on communication among a knowledgeable team of experienced professionals. Our team of dedicated professionals includes:

• Board certified and licensed physicians
• Licensed Physician Assistant
• Licensed physical therapist
• Licensed athletic trainer
• Certified pilates instructor
• Certified massage therapists
• Well-trained therapy techs


 We put ourselves in the shoes of our patients. Our office is the perfect antidote to big, impersonal medical offices with too many patients and not enough attention to the health needs of those who go there. Our office has grown and diversified over the years to manage just about any pain or injury; however, we have not gotten too big to provide the personal customized service everyone deserves. Our office provides solutions to your injuries in one convenient location for pain relief and rehabilitation.


Whats the story behind our logo?

The basis for natural health begins with seeds of thought. These seeds are nurtured and grown and become the start of a tree. Over the years the tree grows and expands, rooted by the strength of its principles. it branches out, opens, and interacts with its environment. The hands signify the healing aspect of healthcare, which encompass the tree as a whole signifying the holistic approach.