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Adam’s Amazing Weight Loss!

Adam has been a long time patient at MIPM. Adam resolved to lose weight. Be began on his own to change his diet and exercise. He lost an incredible 60lbs! Once his results began to plateau, Adam enlisted the services of Dr. Sean Royer. Sean put together a customized, easy to follow, weight loss plan for Adam that allowed him to eat the foods he liked, while still losing weight. Adam has not only lost an additional 30lbs (with more on the way), but his confidence and energy are also through the roof! For the first time in a decade, Adam weights less than 300lbs! Here’s what Adam had to say about his incredible weight loss journey:

“Nearly a decade ago, I first came to MIPM with lower left back pain. In addition, I struggled with my weight, which I topped at 375 pounds and was borderline hypertensive. I subsequently took the initiative to lose weight and make serious lifestyle changes before I suffered impending health problems. Dr’s Longo and (Sean)Royer, along with their staff, have given me unwavering support in my efforts to help me achieve my goals. Dr. Royer made my diet very easy to follow and time to sit with me to discuss future goals. Currently, I have lost 90 pounds, 10 inches are off my waist and my blood pressure has plummeted to a much healthier range. My back pain is gone, I’m eating healthier, my endurance has reached a level I haven’t experienced before and my outlook on life is more promising.MIPM made such a major impact on my life and I cannot thank them enough!”