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Chiro for Kids

Chiropractic treatment is not only for teens and adults; it is also available for kids! You may be skeptical but you’ll change your mind after you hear Marlena’s story. Marlena had her second baby who seemed to be very fussy, sleep for short periods of time and spit up all his food! Her first baby was not like this. Desperate for answers she took the advice of a friend to go see a chiropractor with the child.

When a joint in the spine or cranium does not move properly it can potentially aggravate the nervous system. The nervous system transmits instructions from the brain to the body parts. A chiropractor can ease the cause of the irritation. In Marlena’s babies case, once the locked joint was unrestricted the nerve annoyance vanished. This allowed for better instructions between the tongue and the brain so the baby was able to function properly during the suck-swallow cycle. The adjustment also relieved the irritation of the nerves that led to the digestive tract. Therefore, he spit up a lot less. No tummy aches and no spitting up led to the baby being happier and sleeping deeper and longer.


Chiropractic adjustments are very safe for kids. Also, adjustments are gentler and softer since children’s joints are looser and easier to move. Below is a list of conditions chiropractic adjustments can improve.




Poor sleep

Nursing problems

Reflux/spitting up


Asymmetrical head shape

Torticollis/head tilt

Sutural ridging

Sleep apnea or snoring

Asymmetrical crawl or gait


Toddler and Preschool-Age Child

Ear Infections

Chronic upper respiratory infections


Growing pains/foot or leg cramping


Incontinence (bowel or bladder)

Pervasive developmental disorders*


*including autism, sensory integration disorder, ADD, ADH, learning disabilities