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Down 30lbs with Repairvite

Deb has spent her entire life trying to understand her body and how her body reacts to the food she eats. She has found that there must be a balance in how you eat. She recently completed the Repairvite Program which is designed to decrease inflammation and heal a damaged GI system. She describes her journey below.


Understanding my body and how it reacts to the food I eat has been a lifelong education. There is a balance between eating for pleasure, due to emotion, or utility. The later stages of the Repairvite Program give me this balance to lead a healthier and happier life.


If you are an individual with gastrointestinal issues or find certain foods don’t seem to settle well with your stomach, then I suggest speaking with Dr. Longo about the Repairvite Program. Each individual’s experience with the program will vary based upon blood test results as to whether you will need to complete just a part or the entire program.  After receiving confirmation I had leaky gut, I liked the fact that Dr. Longo tailored the program to what my body needed to be healthier.


Taking on this program was challenging and at times frustrating. I knew I needed to do this if I wanted to be healthier now and grow old gracefully in the future.

If you decide to move forward with the program then keep in mind that you will need to be dedicated, disciplined, flexible, creative, and assertive. I call to light these qualities because through this journey you will probably have to:

  • Bring your own food to parties, meetings, or gatherings.
  • Ask for modifications to meals at restaurants.
  • Prepare your meals once a week so they are ready when you want them.
  • Allow yourself to not strictly follow the program while on travel.
  • Support of your family during the process.

The last point was my greatest source of frustration. I travelled both internationally and domestically while on the program. Eating the proper food every two – three hours was a struggle. If you travel frequently, I suggest you work with Dr Longo on modifications until you can be home for a longer period of time.


Physical activity was another part of my journey, which enhanced the Repairvite Program. Pilates, Physical Therapy Exercises, and walking accelerated the reshaping my body and feeling better. My persistence with the program and physical activity paid off since I lost 30 pounds and presently maintain that weight today.


I suggest you speak with Dr Longo about your dietary concerns and wish you success on your journey.

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