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Effective Treatment of Low Back Pain

It is estimated that 80% of the population of the United States, at one point of another, will have back pain. I bet your thinking to yourself, how do I avoid this? First let’s learn a little bit about how it develops.

Acute low back pain lasts no more than three months, is usually treated and one can revisit an ordinary lifestyle. The range of the origin of acute LBP is very broad. It can come from something more serious like a severe injury (herniated disk) or it can come from some simple posture mistakes, like sitting on a wallet for an extended period of time.

Effectively treating low back pain entails proper restoration of muscles and ligaments. A chiropractor will find the cause of the problem and will adjust you as well as set up an exercise plan to strengthen your muscles and ligaments accordingly. Lack of exercise, smoking and stress are contributors to LBP.

Chronic low back pain lasts more than three months. A misconception is that these injuries are more serious than acute LBP. It can develop from degenerative disorders, scoliosis or bone disease but the percentage of people that suffer chronic back pain from severe conditions is much smaller. Chronic back pain can develop from the same injuries as acute LBP.

When the low back is damaged or a spinal disc in herniated, the root of the setback must be found. Then the components that are wounded must be repaired.

One living with chronic back pain will try to eliminate the symptoms with ice, heat or pain killers and think that the problem is gone. If the problem were gone why would symptoms keep coming back! Just because the symptoms are eliminated does not mean that the actual problem is fixed. Let’s take a quick look at how the body works. The brain controls 100% of the body through the nervous system. When this communication is working properly, it leads to 100% function. When there is a subluxation (a misalignment of the bones in your body), increased pressure is put on the nerves that exit in between them. Your body then has a malfunction which leads to a disease process and you finally get symptoms. YOUR SYMPTOMS ARE THE LAST THING TO SHOW UP! Now you can see that if you just get rid of the symptoms you are just bandaid-ing the problem.

Chronic LBP has a lot to do with unhealthy habits. Some including: obesity, lack of exercise, or strains caused by improper lifting. So instead of bandaid-ing the problem and having recurring pain you can become proactive and get rid of the pain and cause altogether! This includes regular chiropractic visits, regular exercise, and a healthy diet!

Low back pain and any type of pain will not relieve itself; take care of your body!