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Hydration: your body’s first line of defense

Did you know that water is the most important element in the body? You are comprised of 70% water..with your nervous system being 90% water! Every function of your body requires proper hydration in order to be efficiently working.  Water acts as a carrier for important vitamins and minerals, delivering them into all of  your cells.  Water is vital in the function, growth, and repair of all avascular (meaning lack of blood supply) white tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, joints, and spinal discs.

So you drink your 8 glasses of water a day, you’re golden right?! Maybe not..not all water is created the same.  The pH of the water you drink can be just as important as the amount of water.  Most distilled and bottled water has a pH of less than 7, making it acidic. Acidic water tends to lead to dehydration, by shutting down the nerves that cause one to be thirsty. Acidic water can also lead to muscle pain, joint pain, and symptoms of chronic fatigue. Drinking alkaline (above pH of 7) water can actually help regulate your hydration, by encouraging you to drink more.

If you are experiencing any sort of musculoskeletal pain, chances are you are dehydrated. Thus, it is extremely important to get hydration under control in order to get your pain under control. When you are in a dehydrated state, you body starts to ration out what water you do have in storage. Your water is rationed out to your digestive and nervous systems, leaving your muscles and joints dry. This rationing of water will then be taken from the digestive system and finally nervous system. If the dehydration goes this far, your electrolyte levels and all neural activity will be affected.


Take Away Points:

Proper hydration is vital for all 9 of your body’s systems

You can’t control pain without first controlling your water intake

Alkaline water is preferred over acidic water