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Need an extra boost for you weight loss?


Are you one of the countless health enthusiasts looking to improve your physical condition? Or maybe you are looking for a lifestyle change to better your health or boost your self-esteem? Are you looking for help to lose weight using a non-strenuous method with noticeable and long-lasting results?

Of course a healthy diet and regular exercise program are essential in losing weight as well as maintaining a fit body but HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a safe and fast acting product that can aide you in the weight loss process.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or as it is commonly referred to in the medical community (HCG) is a hormone that is greatly produced by women mainly during the time of pregnancy. This hormone is specifically produced by a woman´s placenta, which plays a major role in the control of the pregnant woman´s metabolic functions. This hormone takes the fat stored by the woman´s body and turns it into essential calories to nourish and help the unborn baby.


HCG is a product available at Midwest Integrated Physical Medicine that helps you lose weight by essentially instructing the body to take stored fat and turn it into vital energy. By depriving excess energy to fat storing cells, HCG makes the weight loss faster and easier. Although your body naturally produces a certain amount of HCG, it is not enough to effectively achieve the weight loss desired. In turn, our MIPM products will help increase your HCG levels and furthermore help you achieve your desired weight loss in a controlled and safe manner.


There are two options for taking HCG: drops and injections. The drops are a homeopathic product that uses a specific amount of the HCG substance and converts it into drops. These drops are then placed onto the bottom of your tongue and furthermore are processed into the body. This does not require a prescription. On the other hand, the injections do require a doctor’s prescription. Once prepared, the HCG is applied by a shot into the muscle tissue, which then absorbs into the body and initiates the weight loss process.


At MIPM we believe that you can achieve sustainable weight loss results with the use of the HCG protocol. In addition to being an effective weight loss agent, here are two more essential benefits that the HCG protocol comes with.


You may notice from time to time a certain feeling of exhaustion, which is manifested through sore eyes, fatigue, hunger, irritability and overall lethargy. All of these symptoms can be attributed to lack of energy; energy is vital to all daily functions. Therefore, maintaining optimal energy levels is essential. Using HCG will cause your body to provide a constant never-ending supply of energy, which will avoid tiredness, irritability and even overeating.


Have you ever tried dieting and cutting back on meals only to find that your hunger increases as the days go by?

That is because your body believes it is starving, which causes your metabolism to slow down. This not only means that you begin to feel constant hunger but your body goes into survival mode. In turn, your body will store extra calories uncertain of when its next meal will be. This is not the case when using HCG. This hormone essentially commands your body to use its own reserves, providing a constant supply of energy and nutrients to bring about an improved metabolism.

If you are interested in bettering your health through safe and effective weight loss, then the HCG protocol is a great option. At MIPM, we can offer more information and advice for your specific needs. Feel free to visit our web page at www.midwestipmed.com where you can find all the information you may need. HCG is not only an effective and controlled weight loss option but also a healthy way to increase your energy and improve your metabolism.

With all the work you do to keep your weight in check, everyone can use a little boost.


At Midwest Integrated Physical Medicine, we strive to make sure that our products are safe for our patients. This product only has a minor side effect of possible headaches within the first three to five days of use due to elimination of toxins.


HCG is different at MIPM because we work with you throughout the process to teach you about food and lifestyle changes, create a custom transition diet, and a diet for maintenance of your weight loss.  Other sources for HCG may help you lose weight but do not offer support after the weight loss.  Our goal is to help this weight loss become permanent, effective, and sustainable rather than gaining it all back when you return to a normal diet.