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On a Journey of Health

The following is an excerpt from a letter we recently received from a patient. At the end of a long day, its rewarding to see all of our hard work is paying off and we are really making a difference.

“Dr. Longo,

…I read the quotes on the walls every single time I’m in your practice, they are motivational and simple; they encourage and inspire. Behind your diploma, your title, and your practice is a women who genuinely cares about people. Our society spends a lot of time and resources diminishing the capacity of Chiropractors and even more so labeling radical diet changes as “just a fad.” These influences are everywhere and the bureaucracy is overwhelming at times; as someone who is skeptical, I’ve learned to trust and stay open minded. I appreciate the patience necessary while I overcame my own preconceived notions. In life we meet people who make a profound impact on our lives, people who give us new perspectives, people who challenge us to find our inner strength. While I realize that I am only at the beginning of this journey toward health and respecting my body, I feel I should take a moment to let you know you are one whom I will never forget. I came into your office for neck pain and in nine months I have accepted the challenge to make changes that add quality back into my life. Your confidence and knowledge have opened my mind and my eyes to a self I gave up on quite some time ago. You and your staff hold me accountable when no one else would. I am starting to embrace the thought of holding myself accountable, but its crucial to have a positive and caring support system, which is Midwest Chiropractic Care. Thank you for being an abecedary. Thank you for giving me tools I will use for the rest of my life. As Thomas Edison said, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will sure and prevent disease with nutrition.” You are a doctor of the future, you are a teacher, and your ability to motivate and educate speaks volumes. You have inspired me to be whole.”