Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I miss an appointment?
Whether you miss because you are sick, stuck at work, or any other reason, call the office as soon as possible! Regardless of the reason, we will reschedule your appointment for as soon as possible. It is important to your treatment plan to come to your appointments. Failure to do so may impact your progress!

What if the pads for my TENS unit stop sticking to me?
Try wetting the pads with a small amount of water (while device is off) and let them dry for 5-10 minutes. The water should help the pads become sticky again by cleaning them off. Do NOT use any chemicals on the pads; it will cause damage to the pads and make them unusable. If water does not work, talk to a staff member next visit.

My LSO brace rides up when I am in the car for long periods of time, what should I do?
Occasionally, sitting for long periods of time can cause the LSO brace to ride up. By adjusting the angle of the anterior panels into a downward position, the brace should remain in place. If this does not help, ask a staff member to check positioning of brace next visit; be sure to bring in your brace!

What should I do if I am sore after an appointment?
Feeling sore after an appointment is not uncommon. Be sure to ice for 20 minutes where you are feeling the soreness. There should be at least 40 minutes in between icing times, but you may repeat when necessary. If your pain increases or does not decrease with time and ice, call the office to come back in as soon as possible!